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Ladies and Gentlemen, esteemed members of the newly sworn-in Students Union of the Osun State College of Technology, (OSCOTECH) Esa Oke.

It is with great pleasure and a sense of pride that I stand before you today as the Chairman of the Governing Council of this esteemed institution to welcome you all to this epoch making events.

As you embark on this crucial journey as the leaders of our student body, I, on behalf of the Governing Council and His Excellency, Sen Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke would like to extend my warmest congratulations to each and every one of you, officers of the Student Union Government.

Your election to these crucial roles reflects not only your capabilities but also the trust and confidence that your fellow students have placed in you.

The Students Union like the Alumni Association are vital component of Tertiary Education in Nigeria. As a product of similar struggle in my day at the University of Ibadan, I recognised the fact that student leaders can serve as a bridge between the student body and the administration when well organised can also serve as a disconnect when not properly motivated and mobilised in the right direction.

The students leadership structure is an avenue for the expression of ideas, concerns, and aspirations. I therfore pledge my support to your Union and the students as we will ensure that decisions and policies are made towards ensuring progress and peace aimed towards the development your school, my school and indeed our school. In unity we must stand.

In the pursuit of your responsibilities therefore, I urge you to foster an environment of inclusiveness, open communication, and mutual respect. You must also embrace diversity and let it be the strength that binds us together.

As leaders, your actions will shape the culture of our school, influencing not only your peers but also the generations that follows.

Remember that with leadership comes responsibilities, maturity and sacrifices.

Advocate for the needs and interests of your fellow students, but do so with a keen awareness of the broader context of the economic circumstances and general mood of the nation. Engage in constructive dialogue and criticism, seek common ground, and look for solutions that benefit the entire college community.

I encourage you to be proactive in addressing challenges by contacting the school authorities before embarking on any form of action with the understanding that “Aluta” should NOT be about destruction but discussion. I expect from you, innovative solutions that will stand you out as matured agent.

Your time in these roles is an opportunity for personal and collective growth, and I have full confidence that you will rise to the occasion. I have advised the Rector to make sure that the students leaders have full access to him and other Management Staffs to listen to you all the time and at all times. As for me, my doors are opened and my telephone numbers will be provided for consultation purposes. I however hope this unfiltered access will not be do abused.

As you assume your duties, always keep in mind the values that define your humanity as a leader – excellence, integrity, and a commitment to the pursuit of knowledge. Let these principles guide your decisions and actions, ensuring that you contribute positively to the academic and social fabric of our institution.

In closing, I want to express my unwavering support for your endeavors. The success of our Students Union is intertwined with the success of our college as a whole. Together, let us work towards creating an environment that fosters learning, collaboration, and a sense of community.

Congratulations once again, and I look forward to witnessing the positive impact you will undoubtedly make during your tenure.

I thank you all for listening.