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United Kingdom OSCOTECH Alumni Association on Saturday 21st October, 2023 held her lnaugural Convention at St. Lawrence Community Center, 37 Bromley Road, Catford London.

The address of the Executive Governor of Osun State, Senator Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke was delivered by the Chairman, Governing Council of the institution, Hon. Prince Oladiran Odeyemi. The Governor expressed his immense pleasure with the progress made by OSCOTECH Alumni globally. He described the College as a beacon of knowledge, a hub of Innovation and a source of inspiration to its Alumni. Senator Adeleke urged OSCOTECH Alumni to continue to be ambassadors of both Osun State and their alma mater.

The Rector of the college, Dr. Samson Akinbamide Omobayo Adegoke, in his address sent to the Alumni on the occasion reflects on the progress the College has made in the past and particularly, the giant strides made by his administration. The Rector however solicits for the Alumni's support and contributions towards the progress of the College. Furthermore, the Rector urged the Alumni to always be their brother's keeper and good ambassadors of the College.

The theme of the Convention is Reincarnating the Conviviality of the Old Good Days.



It is with great pleasure that I present this address today 20th day of October, 2023. I am grateful to the Almighty God for allowing all of us to witness this great event.

An Alumni Association is a group of former students who come together for the purpose of forming relationship aimed at fostering personal, collective and theprogress of their alma-mater.

Osun State College of technology, Esa-Oke, known as OSCOTECH, Esa-Oke has Alumni Associations scattered all over the world, of which UK chapter is one. The desire of these groups is to bring former students together in order to maintain a connection with their alma-mater and fellow graduates. Being a member of alumni association often open many doors for one and also attracts lots of benefits.

Alumni association provides a networking platform which is a powerful tool for personal advancement. An Alumni network connects graduates with anumber of professional contacts and other graduates; thus making them participate and benefits from career insights and advice from other alumni and career professionals.An Alumni association also provides identity for her members, it gives sense of belonging, builds relationship, widens ones knowledge and also provides an avenue for acquiring skills required for personal development.Furthermore, a vital part of being an alumnus is finding a way of giving back to the institution through donations, and responding positively and proactively to assistance request from ones’ alumni.

At this juncture, let me quickly give a brief progress made by our institution since I became the Rector. I believe this will give an insight into areas where you can participate in the progress of the institution as her Alumni. As of the time I assumed duty as the Rector on 24th July, 2017, there were only sixteen (16) fully accredited programmes. Today, under my watch and by the grace of the Almighty God, OSCOTECH, Esa-Oke has grown to having Twenty-Six (26) departments in Five Faculties with the additional Eleven (11) new courses that were granted accreditation by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) in April, 2019.

We just concludedRe-accreditation of some of our courses and Resources Inspection for three (3) new courses early September. The exercise was a landmark achievement for the college; we hosted officials of the NBTE, Kaduna and Resource Persons totaling Ninety-Two (92) in number. This is unprecedented in the history of the college. With that exercise, we intend to bring the total number of courses offered in the institution to Thirty (30).

In order to accommodate expansion of programmes brought about by the accreditation of new programmes, we have continually renovated some of our facilities. Likewise, we have started and completed new projects. Among these projects are:

1) Construction of Office Technology and Management (OTM) Building.

2) Construction of Female Hostel.

3) Construction of Sport Complex.

4) Construction of one (1) block of classroom at Prelim Village.

5) Construction of two (2) blocks of classrooms at CAP-Office.

6) Construction of a building for Canteen.

7) Construction of two (2) blocks of classrooms beside ICT.

8) Construction of 600 Capacity Auditorium.

9) Construction of two (2) blocks of classrooms opposite 600 Capacity Building.

10) Construction of one (1) block of classroom (Agricultural Technology Department)

11) A block of two (2) Lecture rooms with staff office and conveniences under the Federal Government Revitalization Programme.

Moreover,Construction of 750 Capacity Auditorium is ongoing.

Lots have been done by other Chapters to assist the college. OSCOTECH Alumni Association under the able Leadership of Mr. Gbenga Ale, started the largest Hall in the College. This beautiful masterpiece is nearing completion. Also, in March, 2023, the Alumni Association of Quantity Surveying Department donated a set of Classroom benches and tables to their departments.

One major challenge our institution is recently facing is the dwindling number of students every year owing to the economic realities of the moments. However, with the introduction of Open Distance Flexible e-Learning (ODFeL) of which we have secured a license from the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), it is believed that our students’ intake will increase tremendously. Since students will not have to travel to our college to receive lectures. Please, take this advantage to acquire additional qualifications from the College. Let me inform you that our college has started Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU) Conversion Programme. This is a top-up programme that enables our graduands to upgrade their certificates to degree, the first batch of students for this programme completed their final examination on Monday 17th July, 2023. It gives me great pleasure to announce to you that three of our students graduated with First Class. With their outstanding performance, the standard of OSCOTECH academic activities has further been confirmed.

Let me appreciate the executive Governor of the state, Senator Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke for his special interest in our college and for always providing an enabling environment for us to thrive as an institution. I want to particularly thank Mr. Governor for the approval of Ninety Million Naira (N90,000,000) in support of the recently concluded accreditation. I specially appreciate the Chairman, Governing Council, Honourable, Prince Oladiran Odeyemi for his doggedness, cooperation and facilitation of the financial support of Mr. Governor.

Distinguished alumni in diaspora, you have duties to perform. You must assist the college in the recruitment of more students to attend our Polytechnic. To achieve this, you can provide scholarships and other incentives to attract more students; you can also encourage alumni and friends of the polytechnic to generously support our institution with gifts, equipment and even bequests. Please, feel free to get information about our college from our website at

Finally, I urge you to continue to be good ambassadors of Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke. Please, endeavor to be committed to promoting achievements of our institutions, and also general welfare of your members. Be your brother’s keeper and always resolve all misunderstandings amicably.

I congratulate you once again and wish you a happy convention.