Our Vision

To be a learning, research-driven, innovative, and dynamic institution with national relevance and international recognition.

Our Mission

  • To assemble and develop scholarly committed, highly motivated and technologically aided academic team with uncompromising respect for knowledge acquisition and dissemination;
  • To produce highly disciplined successive generations of graduates, developed in cognitive skills, intellectual honesty, humane values, and unparalleled professional expertise;
  • To provide scholars and researchers with world-class teaching and research infrastructure, pedagogies and learning environment, attracting renowned researchers and scholars;
  • To promote enduring partnership, cooperation and collaboration in research, teaching, and scholarship with local and International bodies; and
  • To develop international students’ constituencies and alumni network that identify with Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke.

This is by providing tertiary education for numerous school leavers, aiding the nation’s technological development, providing technical and power to strengthen the Country’s economic base, re-awakening the hitherto neglected maintenance culture and providing consultancy services.

The main objective of the College is to provide for Students, Training and development of techniques in applied Science, Engineering, Technology, Environmental and Management Sciences as well as in other spheres of learning. The institution provides professional courses leading to the National Diploma in the fields and other awards and certificates at comparable levels on a Full Time, Daily Part-Time, Part-Time and Vocational Training.

Since its core course are in Engineering Environmental and Technology programme. The institution mounts exhibitions on a regular basis showing its products and capabilities. We also offer a wide range of specialized short courses for the purpose of improving the level of vocational competence of local craftsmen, technologist/technical and commercial workers. In the process, the college has been able to show to the world our competence by presenting the most recent advances in knowledge and techniques to specialist groups and the public in general.

By doing so, we have developed in our students the instinct for creative development, research and public service needed for teaching, industry and the business community in Osun State in particular and Nigeria in general.

The college adopts the Faculty system of structuring the Academic Departments, the conception is to make for easier work co-ordination and management. At present, there are four faculties namely; Engineering, Environmental Studies, Management Science and Applied Science.

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