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The Management team of Osun State College of Tehnology, Esa-Oke under the leadership of DrS.A.O.Adegokethe Ag.Rector, paid a collaboration visit to the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Ibadan on Wednesday 21st Febuary, 2018.

On hand to receive the Ag.Rector and his team are; DrAsiedu, Director, West Africa, Dr. Dixon, Engr PeterKulakow, MrsOyinlola, the Head of Administration at the weeds section of IITA Ibadan.

In his address at the conference room during the reception in honor of the Management team, the Ag Rector, DrS.A.O.Adegoke commended the IITA management team for the warm reception accorded the OSCOTECH team and gave a brief background history of the College, he informed them that the purpose of our visit is to seek their assistance towards the floating of the institutions ND Agricultural Technology and the donation of equipment for the Agricultural Engineering Department and the training of staff in Agricultural Entrepreneurship.

In his respose, the Director of IITA, West African sub region DrAsiedu informed the College team that IITA is a platform for Technological development in Africa for demonstration and a hybrid centre for Cassava and its processing. They have collaborated with a lot of institutions and State Government on the production of hybrid cassava and seedlings of different types for farmers across Africa.

He therefore suggested that in view of the request from the College on the development of a research farm, Herbisal and commercial farm, there will be need for the preparation of a Memorandum of Understanding between the IITA and the Osun State College of Technology on areas of interest in the project since IITA is a non-profit organization, it is always, ready to embrace such collaborations.

He also talked about the alfasafe project of IITA to develop the biocontrol products which drastically reduces allfetox in crops. That alfasafe contains native non-toxic strains of aspergillusflavus that out-competes toxins producing ones when applied in the field In his own contribution, Dr Alfred Dixon expressed support for the request made by the College but emphasize the need for a Memorandum of |Understanding that will guide the collaborate effort between the two institutions.

Engr PeterKulakow, a mechanical Engineer and the Director in charge of Fabrication of Machine forCassava Processing talked about the different processing methods available in IITA which include both manual and electrical. We were later conveyed in a coater Bus on a facility tour of the cassava processing unit and the Green House Technology.

The Director showed us different hybrids of cassava of which we saw a 48kg cassava hybrid and we were shown the manual peeling of the cassava before it will be put in a shredding machine before the manual squeezing using weight as can be found in local gari milling industries. Also we saw the manual fabricated frying tray with manual firewood as source of heat, we were also shown the cassava peeling machines whose turnout is more than the normal manual peeling and the electric frying machine which also fry faster than the manual frying tray. The turnout is always double the tons produced when using the electric frying method.

He also confirms that with the support of UNICEF, IITA was able to train a lot of fabricators such as Raywood metal work and Abiola electrical and they are still ready to train more.

We also got to the alfasafecentre where we were shown all the machines used asbiocontrol for product alfasafe.

The team converged back at the conference room of the weed control section after the facility tour of the cassava processing plants and the Green House Technology for a final chat.

Mrs Oyinlola, the Head of Administration inform the team that she will forward the report of the meeting to management before the sample of the IITA MOU can be released to the college and she promised to ensure a speedy action in view of the urgent need for the MOU as a result of the Agricultural Department the Institution is likely to float very soon and the unexpected rainfall being experienced.

A vote of thanks was moved by the Bursar Mr Amos Fabinu and the meeting ended some minutes after 1.00p.m

It was indeed another landmark in the history of the college.

Prince Wale Oyekanmi, MNIPR, JP
Director, Media, Protocol and Public Relations Reporting.

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